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Incorporate in New York.

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New York is known for big business, lawyers, fees, expenses and a general anti-business environment for the small business person.  The taxes, the lawyers and the constant regulatory environment will not go away.

  • States with high taxes and a high population of lawyers, also present a tough regulatory environment for small business.  This means too many rules, penalties, problems and additional headaches.  Taxes also tend to be higher.  There are more excuses to confiscate assets, assess fees, corruption and unfair dealing.  Although this seems to be normal for New York City, this doesn't mean that your assets should be left unprotected.

CONCLUSION:  New York doesn't respect your property or your property rights.  They view you as a cow to be milked, fined and sued.

If you must do business in New York, what are your options? 

  • Most people that are in business know the advantages of incorporating; however, they are parked in a corporation or LLC filed in New York.  The problem is that the corporate veil isn't very strong in NY.  What is that?  The corporate veil is simply the assertion that the company is separate from you as a person.  The company is a separate person from you as a human.  The filing of the articles of incorporation is essentially its birth certificate.  And the company can sue and be sued just like any breathing human walking the Earth.  The corporate veil is strong when there are certain formalities maintained such as paperwork related to the corporation or LLC filed in NY.  We all know that NY loves its paperwork.  And we all know that there's a fine, fee, or consequence for not doing it on time, not doing it correctly or failing to do it at all.  When a corporate veil is pierced, they lawyers can go after the owners on a personal level to satisfy whatever liabilities they are asserting.  This means trouble.
  • The solution is to incorporate in a state where the corporate veil is respected.  What if you didn't cross your T's and dot your I's?  So what?  States that possess fewer lawyers, have no income tax on business, respect property rights also respect the corporate veil of small and large businesses alike.  Even when failing to much of the internal formalities involving the company, the WY corporate veil holds.
  • In Wyoming, the right to bear arms is respected without a permit.  If Wyoming will respect someone to carry a gun without a permit, how do you think they perceive your right to property?
  • The US Constitution is alive and well in Wyoming.  No stop and frisk.  No search and seizure without a warrant.  No piercing of the corporate veil.  The State of Wyoming doesn't look at you as a cow to be milked.  You are a human and an American with Constitutional rights to the right to life, liberty and property. 

Where should I incorporate?

  • Wyoming is the answer for small business.  Why?
    • Live anywhere and incorporate out of Wyoming.
    • Bank from anywhere using a Wyoming corporation or LLC.  You can continue to bank in NY of your choosing.
    • No state income tax in Wyoming on Corporations.  NY income tax may apply if running the company from NY.  The WY corporation or LLC will provide you the protection needed that is unavailable using a NY company alone.
    • Wyoming state filing fees are cheap.  $50 per year for annual maintenance.
    • Officers and Directors possess the highest degree of protection from litigation.
    • NY has nothing to say about a WY corporate veil.  They must attack the corporate veil in WY, where your property rights are respected.  Vote with your feet and incorporate in Wyoming.
    • Real limited liability.
    • Take the NY lawyer out of his or her comfort zone.  Make them hire someone from Wyoming to attack the company.  They will lose when attacking the corporate veil.

More specifically in terms of LLC's:

  • Wyoming invented the LLC in 1977.
  • Wyoming prohibits foreclosure of an LLC member's interest.  Books of account cannot be ordered by a court.  The protection available in WY isn't available in New York.  See reference linkLLC presentation here as found on
  • A Manager of the LLC can restrict distributions to a creditor of a member, if the operating agreement is properly drafted.
  • To attack the corporate veil of a Wyoming LLC, the attack must be filed in Wyoming.  The operating agreement also elects the Wyoming jurisdiction as the venue of choice.  Any internal documents, a website, and agreement with clients also elect the Wyoming jurisdictions.

How can a NY resident protect assets in NY or elsewhere?

  • A Wyoming corporation or LLC may hold bank accounts, brokerage accounts, real estate, and any other asset permissible by law.

Is privacy available?

  • Yes.  Privacy is available from the public record.  You remain the contact with the IRS and the bank.  The public record doesn't see your connection to the company.  We provide you with a virtual office in Wyoming, and a contract officer as a public face for the company.  You control the company and its assets, make all the decisions, and control all assets as you normally do.
  • You apply for the EIN and the bank account.  There are services available that illicitly apply for the EIN for you.  We don't recommend those services because they are illegal, a violation of the Internal Revenue Code, and they also attract audits.  Apply for the EIN yourself.
  • The bank and brokerage accounts are in the name of the company.  You are the signer on the account.  The manager that we provide you is only there to shield you from public record exposure.
  • The

Any asset that can be titled in a company may be titled in a Wyoming corporation or Wyoming LLC.

  • If you can own it and control it in your name, you can do the same in the name of a company.

What about real estate in NY? 

  • If the real estate generates rental income, then the WY company must be filed in NY.

How do I protect investments and savings?

  • Acquire the LLC and apply for the EIN.
  • Open the account in the name of the LLC.  You're the signer on the account.
  • You are the member of the LLC and control the accounts in the name of the LLC.
  • The LLC may hold savings and checking accounts, investment account and you call the shots.

Do I get to evade NY taxes or City Taxes?

  • No.  Taxes remain the same.  The taxable earnings flow through the LLC directly to your tax form 1040.  Your tax liability doesn't change.  There's no evasion of NY or federal income tax.  The State of NY and NYC gets their money one way or another.

Can I run an internet business, blog or other business activity from Wyoming?

  • Yes.  We provide a virtual office and corporate officer if you seek to sell products online.  We empower you to sell products through a business run out of Wyoming.  You can't run a NY retail location out of Wyoming.  But you can sell products and services online from an additional location in Wyoming.


New York Secretary of State Quick Links:

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 Limited Partnership Formation

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  Public Officers

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Service Mark Registration

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Build Corporate Credit with an Aged Shelf Corporation or Aged Shelf LLC START A BUSINESS IN THE UNITED STATES WITH A FIVE YEAR OLD SHELF COMPANY FOR ONLY $950


Incorporate in Wyoming; Wyoming Registered Agent, Wyoming Corporations, Wyoming LLC INCORPORATE IN WYOMING

Shelf corporations for building corporate credit, asset protection, liability protection, stability and effective marketing strategies.

Wyoming virtual office services to run your business from Wyoming. VIRTUAL OFFICE IN WYOMING

Wyoming Corporations & Wyoming LLC's

Nevada resident agent for Nevada corporations and Nevada LLC's.  Why is Wyoming a better option? Nevada Resident Agent

Nevada corporations and Nevada LLC's are a good way to protect assets, run a business and stay compliant.  Wyoming corporations and LLC's offer the same advantages as Nevada.  The difference? Wyoming state filing fees are less than in Nevada.

A Nevada Virtual Office for a corporate presence in Nevada.


Nevada Virtual Office

Information on a Nevada virtual office, a business identity in Nevada, executive offices, and office suites in Nevada.  Now we also offer a Wyoming Virtual Office, Wyoming Corporations and Wyoming LLC's.

Wyoming LLC charging order protection.  Wyoming Registered Agent included. Wyoming LLC
  • Wyoming LLC:  Wyoming does NOT require reporting of the LLC members.  Annual state fees are $50.

  • Nevada LLC:  Nevada requires reporting of the members to the SOS.  Annual fees are $325.

17-29-503. Charging order.

(g) This section provides the exclusive remedy by which a person seeking to enforce a judgment against a judgment debtor, including any judgment debtor who may be the sole member, dissociated member or transferee, may, in the capacity of the judgment creditor, satisfy the judgment from the judgment debtor's transferable interest or from the assets of the limited liability company. Other remedies, including foreclosure on the judgment debtor's limited liability interest and a court order for directions, accounts and inquiries that the judgment debtor might have made are not available to the judgment creditor attempting to satisfy a judgment out of the judgment debtor's interest in the limited liability company and may not be ordered by the court.

Compare the Delaware LLC to the Wyoming LLC Delaware LLC vs. Wyoming LLC
Delaware filing state fee for the LLC is $90. Wyoming state filing fee for the LLC is $100.
Delaware franchise tax is $200.Don't forget the Franchise Tax for Delaware LLC's.  Wyoming has no franchise tax.
Delaware  LLC is for big business.  The Chancery Court is best for those businesses that are publicly held.  Big business. Wyoming is for small business.  Small and privately controlled companies are best served by a Wyoming LLC.  Small business.


Incorporate in Wyoming Wyoming Corporations USA

WYOMING invented the American LLC in 1977, as it was modeled after the 1892 German company law known as Gesellschaft mit beschrnkter Haftung (GmbH).  Nevada and Delaware copied Wyoming's LLC and profited from it most through better marketing.

Forward mail from our Wyoming commercial office to anywhere within the USA. Wyoming Mail Forwarding

Mail forwarding includes the postage and labor to forward the mail in your company name.  This service is only possible when we serve as the registered agent for your company.

Wyoming Registered Agent service is only $75 per year.  We've been in business for 13 years. Wyoming Registered Agent


All shelf corporations include registered agent service, filed articles, resolutions, bylaws/operating agreement,

instructions on how to file an Employer Identification Number, and guidance on filing the company in any other state as a foreign entity.

Delaware corporations are for big business.  Wyoming corporations and Wyoming LLC's are for small business.

Compare and do what's best for you.

Delaware Corporation
Delaware Corporation Wyoming Corporation
Delaware  Corporations are for big business.  The Chancery Court is best for those businesses that are publicly held.  Delaware is best for big business.  More than 60% of Fortune 500 companies are filed in Delaware.  Why?  Case law with a history over 100 years addressing shareholder rights.  Delaware is a state that is "pro-management."  Delaware has in come tax, state franchise tax, and is more regulated.  There are reporting requirements. Wyoming is for small business.  Small and privately controlled companies are best served by a Wyoming Corporation.  Wyoming is best for small business.  Ownership is private.  There's no income tax in Wyoming.  Your Wyoming company may need to file to do business in another state under certain circumstances and file taxes in your home state.
Annual fee $125 every March 1st. This fee applies if you have up to 1500 shares at no par value. Annual report $50 on the anniversary month.  Unlimited shares at no par value.
Delaware sells more corporations because they have more incorporators in that state.  Delaware is best for large companies where the stock is traded on an exchange. Wyoming only has 500,000 people in their state, and with a handful of incorporators.  The state is low key and the residents have a great respect for property rights.
Ownership information not reported to the state. Ownership information not reported to the state.


Build business credit and corporate credit with an aged shelf corporation.  Why wait when you can acquire a five year old company for less than $999. Shelf Companies to Build Business Credit  
California shelf corporations California Corporation

California companies have a horrible record of an insecure corporate veil.  The corporate veil is what protects you from the liabilities of the company.  When the corporate veil is strong, you are not personally liable for the debts of the company.  When the corporate veil is weak and its pierced, the creditor can make you personally liable and attach your personal assets.  Anyone who lives in California knows of the over-population of lawyers, and the risks that they produce. 

File your aged shelf company in California and enjoy the benefits of an aged corporation. California Shelf Company

The result is that you are able to build a business with an out-of-state shelf company just as if the company was originally filed to do business in California.  When you compare, both companies have the same rights and responsibilities.  Your benefit is that you pay less, leaving more money for marketing, research, organization, or family.  California will recognize the out-of-state company just the same as any company that was initially filed in California.  Your benefits are the same while paying much less for the total cost of the company. 

  Shelf Company for Corporate Credit  
  California Shelf LLC

The Solution:  Obtain  an out-of-state shelf LLC, and file the company in California as a foreign LLC.  Out-of-state shelf LLC's don't need to pay the California Franchise Tax Board until the company is filed in California.  And even then, the fee isn't paid until the first anniversary from when the out-of-state (foreign) LLC is filed in California.

  Shelf Companies of Delaware Nevada Delaware Wyoming Montana  

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